The term, "mom-cation" may be a recent trend used often in social media posts. However, psychologists in recent studies now suggest that moms traveling and planning trips alone can significantly help their family relationships for the long term. But, more importantly, taking time alone can also help mothers improve their own well being

Dr. Nilva Stilton says, "It is very important for kids to see that balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation".

Motherhood can encompass so many things and is a 24 hour job. We don't just raise the children, we often times keep the house in order, take care of the family pets, handle all school functions, prepare the meals, budget the finances, and even have home businesses we may be running.

It often feels that if we do not take care of things ourselves, they may not be taken care of correctly, so we refuse to hand off any responsibilities to other family members. In refusing to delegate tasks and make a plan for personal space and time, we can feel worn out, tired and at times overwhelmed.

So, how can we put it all aside and plan our "mom-cation" (without guilt)?


1) When you are ready - Get Ready!

As a mom, you know better then anyone, when your energy is drained. You see the signs. Your temper is shorter, you need more naps to recover, and perhaps you are operating at half mast most of the time lately. That's when it is time to make the time for you. As soon as you think you may need it, book a trip.

2) How do you prepare your family for your getaway?

It starts with good old communication. You need to have a family meeting and let everyone know that you planning a trip and will be handing over some of the responsibilities for a few days. Let every one know what your plans are and how long you will be gone and that you are not to be reached during that time. This is difficult, but if you allow calls and texts, you will not have the time you need for yourself.

3) Going Solo or with a Trusted Friend?

It is time to make this truly about you. If you choose to head out of town with another friend, you need to ask yourself if they are easy to travel with? Will there be any demands placed upon you from them; will their own family's needs get in the way of your relax time? If not, plan a twosome getaway. But, as a people pleaser myself, I find that if I have someone else traveling with me, I focus more on making them happy. This trip needs to be soley for you.

4) Where should you go and for how long?

I recommend at least a 2 day getaway. There are some things to consider if you stay in town. The draw of your family's needs is right around the corner and mommy guilt can kick in. It is my suggestion to get on a plane, a train or a long drive and go far enough that you can't easily run back home at the first phone call from a crying child or confused spouse.

- If you are close to a beach, select a hotel right near the water. Look for Groupon deals for the area you are traveling to and if you need a car rental, here is a great discount car rental service I discovered at (50% off regular rental prices).

If you don't have access to the beach, book anywhere where you can relax, enjoy nature, rest, read, and nourish your soul.

5) What to expect when you return?

According to a recent survey, moms who took a vacation alone, came back feeling refreshed, felt they were more clear headed, more calm and were parenting better.

Enjoy your time away to clear your head and recharge. You will be so glad you did. I know I did!

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(This article was submitted by Relationship and Business Coach, Syndeelou Jones, CEO)